Are you liking your WAVibe master? Has it transformed your mix into something bigger? Fatter? more commercial like?

For free, has provided you with a 96kbps mp3 master of your music file.

However, 96kbps is not regarded as a high enough resolution to compete within the music industry.

If you plan to release or present your music to others, you will need to provide the highest quality resolution in order to achieve the most positive reaction possible. 24bit audio has a noticeable amount more depth and sonic detail with improved clarity. This sonic advantage will transfer to what ever medium you decide to use - iTunes 320kbps, 16bit CD or even as a sound track to a video.

Simply purchase and download the high resolution version of your master from here (you do not need a PayPal account; you can pay by debit or credit card).


Only 5.00 GBP (approx 7.89 USD)


Don't forget…

1. 96kbps is not considered a high enough resolution to compete within the online arena.

2. Providing a higher resolution master will increase the perceived quality of your master, especially when listening on higher grade hi-fi.

3. The price of a WAVibe master is only a 6th of the average price of online mastering, and a lot more simple to pay and download.