Free Automatic Mastering to MP3


Upload your unmastered mix with no sign up required. Your mix is run through our sophisticated mix fattening processing chain. Receive a link to your new mp3 master in your email. Download, it's free.

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Download 24bit wav for 5.00 GBP


After listening to your free WAVibe mp3, you can purchase the 24bit WAV for only 5.00 GBP (approx 7.89 USD). This may interest you if you plan to share your music and need high quality formats.

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Human Mastering at 30 GBP per Track


If you feel your masters need the human touch, TGM offer an analogue mastering service and is just as easy to use as WAVibe. A single track costs 30 GBP, 4 = 100 GBP then it's 20 GBP per track there after.

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