The Free Mastering Project

WAVibe Automatic Mastering

A brand new WAVibe Automatic Audio Mastering app is currently in development and will be available right here very soon!

This serviced is still under construction. Please bare with us while we finalise the website.

Welcome to WAVibe 'Automatic Mastering' service. is your connection with a custom built automatic mastering machine. Have your mix run through a custom built 'Mix Fattening' mastering chain. This automatic mastering system has built in sensors and detectors which tailor the automatic mastering chain for each mix.

The master chain has been developed over years of mastering thousands of audio files, recognising developing patterns amongst 'commercial genre' like pop, dance, dnb, electro and rock. We have created an automatic process which can apply this experience to any audio audio file, and because it's automated, it's free to use!

For no cost at all, you can cue your mix to have it processed by this custom built automatic mastering system. We then send your mastered audio, in full, as mp3. If you love the results - of which we're very confident you will - you can purchase higher resolution formats for more serious use like 16bit 44.1kHz wav (CD resolution). There will also be the option to subscribe for unlimited WAVs.

Please note, this is an 'automatic mastering' service. Whereas the results from the 'mix fattening machine' are often extremely impressive, there are certain things you can only get from 'human mastering', most importantly 'advice' on the mix having given it a listen with fresh, experienced ears. Having said that, if you feel your mix decent, then why not give this service a try - it's free to use anyway!